Eskay is MOVING!!


Eskay Bridal is moving to a new location on May 16th and open for business on May 17th! We are so excited to show everyone our fun new space and to be able to offer more dressing room and bridal suite space! We will be having our “House Warming” party on Saturday June 4th from 10am-4pm so come out and see us!

Our new location is 714 Stoneridge Dr Suite A3 Bozeman, MT 59718. It is right on the corner of Durston and 19th next to Baxter Creek Veterinary Clinic. Our number remains as (406) 577-2259 so please call with any questions or directions!

Dressing the Men // Tips for finding a Tux

7_lightgrey-f7_charcoal-f47_tan-f7_slatetux-fYou may think that all tuxedos are the same. That your fiancé can walk into the closest formal wear shop and pick up his wedding day duds. Sorry to say, but it’s going to take a bit more effort than that. The groom is as unique as the bride, and he needs to show off his sense of style for your wedding! There is no better way to do this than with the perfect tux!

At the most basic level, his attire should be appropriate for the venue and fit with the overall vibe of the wedding. If your wedding is during the daytime or outdoors, his attire can be a bit more casual; think tan or grey colored suits. If you’re having an evening wedding in a ballroom setting, choose a darker well-tailored suit or tuxedo for an elegant black-tie affair.

Remember that your wedding is your first opportunity to show off your style as a married couple, so make it a joint effort. You want to make sure that your styles work together. If your dress is a heavily embellished ball gown, you probably don’t want him in a lightweight linen suit- a classic black tuxedo may be more appropriate. Other combinations that work: A rustic lace gown paired with a tailored tan or khaki suit, or sexy, streamlined, city-chic gown paired with a slim-cut navy suit.

Now that you have everyone coordinated, it’s time to pick out your groom’s extras, so that he stands out. To achieve a totally unique look, it’s all about the details. Spice things up by having your groom wear a special boutonniere, vest, or tie in a different style or color than his groomsmen. For a deluxe affair, have the groomsmen wear a black bow tie and black vest, while your groom sports the same style in a white or ivory to match your gown. Also, encourage your groom to inject his personality into his outfit and show off that something special that you fell in love with. If he is a musician have a treble clef added to his boutonniere, or if you fell in love with the sci-fi geek, gift him with some Star Wars cuff links!

Some current trends in the tuxedo industry include grey or charcoal-colored suits, lighter khaki or tan suits, and more casual looks without a jacket, but with a vest. There has also been a stylish trend of suspenders with skinny ties or bow ties. Many people don’t know the different between a tuxedo and a suit. The main difference is the material of the lapel or collar of the coat. The lapel of a tuxedo is typically made of a shiny satin material, whereas the lapel on a suit is usually the same as the rest of the coat. Details to look for when trying to distinguish between coat styles include the type of lapel (notch peak, shawl collar detail, etc.), number of coat buttons, pocket styles, and coat length.

Wedding party roles are usually differentiated by the vest color and ties styles. For example, the groomsmen wear vest and ties that match the bridesmaids’ dresses and fit the theme of the wedding. It, however, does not have to be a perfect match. Try to at least keep it in the same color family, so that everything still looks put-together in your wedding pictures. Ushers and fathers can be put in an accent colors that still match the wedding, but they also could do a basic, go-to black tux or suit. Their attire does not have to match the groomsmen, but it should be conscious of the formality of the event. Also, make sure you think about the other VIPS beyond the groomsmen that may need tuxedos: ring bearers, grandparents, and possibly your officiant.

The first step in your man’s formalwear decision-making process is finding a good tuxedo shop. You want a store that is reliable and has a good reputation. Call ahead to ask about the range of suits and tuxes that they offer, and assess the overall vibe when you visit the store. Do the salespeople see to have a good knowledge of their inventory? While shopping take advantage of the stores associates, it’s their job to know the ins and outs of their merchandise, and are there to answer any questions you may have. They can not only advise you on which suit/tux matches your needs, but can also help with measurements and fittings. Ideally, you should place your tuxedo order at least three months before the wedding. If some of your wedding party cannot make it into the shop you are ordering from, have them provide you with their exact measurements: coat size, out-seam, sleeve length, etc. They will need to be measured by a local tuxedo shop or professional tailor for the specifics. Make sure that you also find out all of the specifics about deposits, alteration fees, and return deadlines. Getting this information and letting your bridal party know ahead of time, will make it easier for the men to keep track of their responsibilities.

Article By- Sari Feenstra (co-owner of Eskay Bridal)
Excerpt from- I Do: Weddings Under The Big Sky