Get Pumped on your Big Day

Check out this playlist we found full of the perfect jams to listen to while you get ready with your girls! They say: “Feel the love on your big day while you get ready with this wedding day playlist! With something for everyone, it will keep prewedding jitters at bay and start the party off right as you and your bridesmaids are getting dressed. It will have everyone!”

What a fun idea to make the day even more special!

Attention Customers!

The International Bridal Manufacturers Association recently shared an alert about online shopping for bridal dresses. In order to avoid being scammed by counterfeit weddinggown retailers online read the following facts: fake-dress

If the price seems too good to be true, then it is. Online retailers might show you the same images you see on the designers website, but more often than not, these photographs are being used without permission, and you will not be receiving the same dress.

If you receive the dress, it may be a cheap knockoff version of the gown you fell in love with. Think stiff, itchy fabrics, uneven seams, discoloration, and unflattering cuts.

Always check the designer’s website before makinga purchase. On every designer’s website, you’ll find a list of authorized retailers. These are the only stores permitted to distribute the designer’s gowns.

If you have a problem with the gown, you’re on your own. Counterfeit gowns often arrivein wrong sizes and lengths. If it’s even possible to alter the gown, the costs can often exceed the purchase price, negating any discount you received by ordering the gown online.

What money back guarantee?Often, counterfeiters promise a money back guarantee. However, you likely won’t be able to find any contact information on their website. No contact=no money back.

We have seen too many brides lose their money on a dress they thought they were getting, then end up spending more than they wanted to to either replace the counterfeit or fix it. If you’re wondering about a site, ask the designer or a bridal store in your area. Eskay will price match from any other authorized dealer, our goal is to get you you’re dream dress and stay within your budget.