Wedding Dress Shape 101

A common question we get from brides looking for the perfect dress is “what do you think will look good on my body type?”

One fail-safe tip to picking a wedding dress that looks flawless on you is to pick one you love! If you’re comfortable and happy in the dress that is what everyone will see and that is what makes every bride look as beautiful as she can be.45acde7786e62bee567974f522ee7aba With that, there are many different shapes offered in wedding dresses these days and it can be overwhelming or it can help narrow down beginning to look for a dress if you know what shape you might like. Maybe you have the perfect dress in mind and this way you can tell a consultant just what you’re looking for.

We encourage you to keep an open mind when looking for a dress, so many times we’ve seen a bride find the perfect dress that is nothing what she had thought she wanted when she walked in! Call and set up an appointment so you can find the shape you love! Contact us!


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